time flies

 It's been a year since this angel joined our family.  And then it hit me, I've taken photos of this sweet thang everyday with my camera phone, but not with the nice big fancy one that my husband spent big bucks on for my birthday/Christmas gifts.  So I followed her around and took pics while she did her thing.  You know it's been to long when she just stared at the lens and wouldn't blink.  

 no smile here, but for some reason I love her in this pic!

 her new Zoli sippy cup. great since she tips her cups up still, but still bummed it leaks a lil.

 her new thing is climbing!  sometimes she struggles....

 grammy karmkarm gave her this dolly for her birthday.  she is in training mode, learning to feed, pat, and rock the baby.

 this girl loves to dance!  loves it!  i put pandora on our tv (that day was disney) and watch her shake her bootay.  i especially like that she tries to lean back and stick her belly out. 

 now can you see why daddy can't say no to her

 caught her mid moment, but it's too amazingly cute to pass up

 she likes to look for the caterpillar and pigtails are apart of our daily routine.
 love this smile.  i was dying over the lil cross eyed look going on.

my favorite pic of her.  she melts my heart.


round 2

I thought I should officially announce on here that baby 2 is on the way. 

And..... it's a girl!  Extremely excited for another girl to be apart of our family.  And for Essie to have a baby sissy.

 Here I am at 19 weeks, in Pasadena, sitting in the car letting Essie finish her nap, before hitting up the park.

 Here is 22 weeks, and probably the 20th time I wore this outfit.  If it makes you feel cute, wear it until it doesn't :)

After having Esther, I realized that you really do forget how pregnancy was, I thought I should document the second pregnancy better.  A few things stayed the same... the nauseous stage was just as long (although I swore it seemed to last longer this time), and my appetite (I lost the taste for ice cream and chocolate).  Some differences..... I have to pee way more often, I've had crazy weird dreams (feels like 4 a night), and my belly feels much bigger this time.  
Now I'm sitting here at 24 weeks.  I can start to feel my ankles swell at the end of the day, picking up Esther is a little harder with a baby belly, the 100 degree heat needs to go, and my hips and lower back are cramping.  But it's totally worth it!  Every time I feel the baby girl move it makes me so happy.  What a miracle it is to have this girl! 


diy stamp - so cheap & so easy

This is seriously the easiest and cheapest stamp to make.  Especially if you want a simple shape.  I only had to buy one supply, and the rest I had laying around the house. 

craft foam sheet 
xacto knife or scissors
paint - acrylic or fabric (not pictured)

The craft foam I used is like THIS but I used a thicker sheet. You can find it at any craft store in the kid craft section.  First, cut out a triangle with scissors.  But I would use an xacto knife for a more complicated shape. Add glue to the back.

Second, cut a rectangle from your cardboard.  I got my cardboard from the flap of an old shipping box.  No need to buy cardboard... I'm sure you have something laying around.  Attach your foam shape to one side of the cardboard.  Let it dry.

One side of my cardboard was white, so I decided to draw the stamp shape and I tried to make it cute by writing the name too.  No need to do this, but it might be helpful if you are making a lot of stamps.
I used white acrylic paint for my black fabric (that's what I had lying around), but fabric paint works great too.  I really don't mind using acrylic paint on fabric... I did it with my babie's onesies and they lasted just fine in the wash.  So, just put some paint on a paper plate, dab your stamp and rub around in the paint to get it fully covered.  Test on a scrap piece first, then take it away!

I used my stamp on fabric, but they are great for kids projects or paper crafts.  Just about anything.  I might even buy those pre-cut foam shapes you find in the same kid craft section at the store, and try to use those as stamps!


San Diego on my mind

  I wanted to share our fun filled weekend... and maybe this will help you on your next so cal adventure.
First thing we had to eat, once we got to San Diego was Boston Market.  Ha ha ha!  I know, it sounds ridiculous but we don't have it in Vegas and we love eating there when we get the chance.   Another place we have to eat at is Chick Fil A (can you come to Vegas already!?).  But our first day was spent at the beach.  My favorite spot is Del Mar because its easy to get to and I have a secret parking spot that I will tell no one about! Best friend Nad came to hang out with us, but mostly Esther. She took us up the coast and took us to a great pizza place, Pizza Port. And if you like beer, then you will probably really like this place. We then walked to Solana Beach design district.  Check out Antiques on Cedros store and check out stall #3.  Great antique finds. You can also follow her on Instagram @shop_nashi. Also, check out Solo (beats Anthropologie for home decor) and David Alan Collection (we drool over the wood tables in there). Then we were off to go get ready for the night.  The hubster got tickets to Imagine Dragons as a Valentines gift and we were stoked to see them on the big stage this time.  We have seen them a lot in Vegas (we counted at least 14 times) and we even lucked out with having them play at our wedding. Don't believe me? Check out my Instagram @theroar6.  But the San Diego show was amazing and I realized I'm still short and can't see anything :) If you are worried, Esther stayed with the grandparents.
The next day we did a target run for some diapers and ended up getting Essie an adorable swimsuit.  You seriously can't walk out of that place with only the things on your list. We ran into Nad and her sweet mom (shout out to Sarah!!!) and boyfriend.  We miss them like crazy.  Next, we did a little church, another round of Boston Market, then decided to test out the new suit by going for a swim. First time for Esther in cold water and she did great. So now I'm more excited for Wet n Wild this summer. We then went to Balboa Park for a stroll since the weather was amazing. Ate at Jalapenos for some good mexican food. Then hung out with the grandparents some more.
Before leaving SD, we HAD to stop by Baker and Olive. Seriously the best olive oil and balsamic vinegar EVER!!! Sounds crazy, I know, but it's delicious. We use it with bread, salads, meats, anything really.  We were running low so we did our usually multi pack to try new flavors. You can order them online too! As we headed back home to Vegas, we stopped in Anaheim.  We are cheap so we went to Downtown Disney and told Esther it was really Disneyland. Of course she has no idea, but its funny. What's great about it is that parking is free for the first 3 hours and if you get it validated at the movies or restaurant you get an extra 2 hours free. Not too shabby! We then met up with our friends there and at some delicious pizza. But our friends recommended we go to Orange Circle and we loved it there!  They have a bunch of antique shops and cute little restaurants and stores. Its literally a circle of stores, that extend off a roundabout. We didn't even get to all of them before heading back home. Can't wait to go back to the beach in the summer.
Enjoy our beach pics below!


diy baby romper

First, let me say I am not the best sewer and I am self taught... and I loved making this romper!  It was easier than I thought it would be and didn't take very long to sew. Well, it took me longer than it should of because someone kept forgetting to turn things right side out. Grrrr!
I used this tutorial HERE. Pay attention to the photos that are with the directions. It's a big help. I did a couple things differently though, just to make it easier for me.  For Esther I needed it to be a 6 month size, and in the tutorial she does size 9-12 month. So I did use a pair of her leggings for the bottom measurements (same as the directions) but instead of using the tutorial's top measurements, I measured one of Esther's onesies. I measured the width (double the width) and the length by measuring from the armpit to where the pants would hit on the onesie. Surprisingly it worked out perfect! (Surprisingly because I have no idea what I'm doing).  The other adjustment I made was how to sew the top.  Instead of cutting 2 pieces out, I doubled my height and only cut one piece. Then folded it in half, sewed, then turned inside out.  And finished it by sewing the two ends together to make a "tube".  (Esther's top cut measurements were 14 x 16).  I put the straps on after the top was sewn, because I wanted a perfect fit. I hate when the straps are falling off the shoulders. And I didn't care that you could see the stitching on the top. BUT one thing I would've done differently is do straps that can tie at the top, rather than one piece, because it is hard to get her arms through.
For the fabric I used recycled jersey cotton for both the pattern and black fabric. The bottoms and straps only took one small ladies t shirt.
Doesn't she look adorable!  This romper is a great transition from winter to summer.  It was a hit at the park... in 65 degree weather.  Tough life huh?  :)


i lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks by changing one thing & on a budget!

I'm going to share how I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks, by making one decision, and how I did it on a budget!
So let me start off by explaining my situation, because I'm not promising that if you do this, you will have the same results.  I had a baby six months ago and during my pregnancy I gained about 45 pounds at a height of 5'3".  I was super bloated at the very end of the pregnancy, so "naturally" I assumed ALL the weight would drop off like that (snap of a finger).  Oohhh was I wrong.  I did lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks, which was all water weight, but I still had 20 to go.  I am nursing... so my second thought was "just give it time and it will just go away by itself".  But after 4 months and being stuck at 150 (grrrr) I knew I needed to do SOMETHING!  I researched a bunch of diet plans and wanted to implement them, but in the end, I needed something simpler!  So what did I do?  I decided to only eat foods that come in their natural form.  Eat what comes out of the ground, grows on trees, basically anything that looks the way it should.  I did make an exception to eat cheese and meats.
I'll give an example of what I ate during my two weeks:
Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled with spinach and sometimes avacado
Snacks: apples, grapes, or string cheese
Lunch:  southwest kale salad (it lasted me a week! Probably shouldn't eat everyday for a week, but it was gooood!)
Dinner: rice with lemon pepper chicken and a simple salad.
I didn't have to follow any strict breakfast, lunch, dinner plan.  I just ate what grows naturally but I did cheat a lil :)  I still had a little bit of chocolate here and there, but not too much.  I also love eating sweet potatoes/yams.  I just microwaved it and ate it with nothing added.  Super fast and simple.  Now I know it would probably be better to do all organic produce and grass feed beef, but I just wanted to start somewhere, and I thought this was better than nowhere.  Don't make it complicated!!!
So now I'm going to explain how I bought the healthy stuff on a budget... see below!

I had watched extreme couponing, so I tried couponing once.... blahhhh.  Took way too much time and it just became complicated.  I did save 52%...but kudos that can do it.  The other downside was that I like to buy produce, and I have never found a coupon for produce.  So how did I buy my produce at a cheaper price?  PRICE MATCHING!  I was talking to a frugal friend and she told me about it.  It got me interested.  So what I did was googled "price match las vegas" and found this site HERE.  Basically some super nice person has complied a list of every item, in that weekly ad of every store in Vegas.  If you are in a different state/city, just Google search "price match (and your city)".  Hopefully you also have a super nice person doing all the work for you.  If not, you will just have to find the ads online or visit the stores.
So who will price match?  Walmart.  You can take a look at their price match policy HERE.  But the best part is that you DON'T need the ads with you!  So all I do is print out my list of produce items, with the price listed, and tell the cashier what it is.  I have done this a few times now and haven't had a problem.  They just adjust the price, no questions asked.  But it wouldn't hurt to have Walmarts policy with you.  Make sure your produce and meat items match units... what this means is, if the ad says apples $.98 pound that Walmart's apples are sold by the pound.  Lb for lb, each for each.  There is some great info on price matching at Walmart HERE and HERE.
So, below is my last price matching receipt.  I did a separate transaction of only price matched produce, just to show you how much I saved.  I only spent $10.50 on all that produce pictured above!  I added up what it would have been before price matching and it would have been double!  At least $22.  Crazy right.  My best purchases were avacados for $.20 each, and grapes for $1.29 a lb.  I'm excited to make my own baby food now, knowing I can save so much more money!

 Now, I still need to loose more weight and need to get back to eating right.  I had a lil too much ice cream lately :)  So now I need to fit!  First, get yourself some good workout clothes.  You always feel better about exercising when you can wear cute clothes.  It gets you excited!  Or at least it does for me.  And any nursing mom needs a good sports bra!!!  I absolutely love my Moving Comfort sports bra!  It holds the girls in, it's cute, and best of all... the straps have velcro which is perfect for nursing.  And I love LOVE my new athletic leggings!  I wear them all the time.

Moving Comfort sports bra (Fiona) - HERE
Asics Leggings (Adria Tight Gold) - HERE

So what workouts have I started??!  I found a 30 day diet plan with a workout video for each day... I'm not following their eating plan but I did start with the day 1 workout video.  And holy cow, it kicked my butt.  When I heard Jillian say "alright, lets go through that workout again" I was whining like a baby!  Go HERE to see the 30 day plan.  I am also doing these two 30 day challenges for arms HERE and abs HERE.  Can you tell I like short term goals, in terms of exercise.  :)
I'm not super healthy and I'm not super fit.  I'm just a mom trying to get my old body back.  So if you have any questions or advice... please share!


baby Colette and her tiny self

Below are just a few pics from this weekends photo shoot.  I really enjoyed editing and need to do it more often.  But of course I could do everything more often.  If only I didn't need to sleep, I could do so much more ;)
Check out more of the photos HERE