creativity should never be stored away

inside, Reynolds Hall
the Smith Center
on thrusday, i attended zappos all hands meeting for work.  this quarter, it was held at the new smiths center in downtown las vegas.  & i am in love!  the inside is gorgeous with amazing details. we had 5 amazing speakers.  

One motivator of creativity was graham hill.  he has created a movement of living life a more simpler way.  look back 60 years.  how big were houses?  how big were families?
its interesting to think how much we 'think' we need these days.  
graham has created a site lifeedited.com  
how the heck can you seat 12 people at dinner in a 650sqft space?!  watch the video on the site.  he has some great ideas and resources of minimizing things or stuff (as i would like to call it)
wonder how you could live in a 650... or how about 350sqft space?  watch this video from resource furniture!  seriously, watch it!  it will blow your mind!  you will say to yourself "that is so smart" or "i totally want that".

doesn't this make you want to start living smartly.  
its amazing how much 'stuff' i could really edited in my life.  
so tomorrow it begins!.... with the garage :)

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