post pregnancy fashion - what to wear?

I was recently chatting with a close friend about the struggles of fashion, post pregnancy.  Especially when that baby weight wants to hang on for dear life.  "I don't live in Alaska, baby weight!" So this post (and more to come) is dedicated to moms who don't know what to wear when that little pooch just won't go away.  
But let me give my two cents about shopping with a post pregnancy bod... after having the baby, go shopping!!! Don't stress about your old clothes that don't slip on as easily as you thought.  I cried over it too many times.  And you don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe.  A few staple pieces will last you until that extra blubber seems to disappear ;)  I got jeans, a few tops, and a skirt.  That's all I needed to boost my confidence.  You can even borrow clothes from friends.  Just put something new on you... it makes you feel so much better!
Here's a tip: try on every style out there!  I always thought I could never pull off a peplum top.  Until I tried on a friends peplum top for my family photo shoot.  I couldn't believe it.... it gave me a waist, hid my child bearing hips, I was in love.  So when I went shopping for my new (hopefully temporary) body, I picked up a peplum blouse top.  I almost cried when I tried it on and looked in the mirror.  I felt so good.  Maybe others don't think it looks great on me, but I don't care!  I felt great!  And that's what it's all about.  So I hope the next few fashion posts will help you in your shopping endeavors, and remind you that there is hope!!

top: Forever 21
bottom: Hue Leggings
sunglasses: Vintage
watch: Paul Frank 
shoes: Frye
lipstick: Stila

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